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medicine cabinet2 Medicine cabinet makeover



Tis the season…for flu, infections, tummy bugs and everything else that comes around when crowds of people gather to spend some quality holiday time together. There is hope! Read more to find out how you can re-do your medicine cabinet to fight every cold, flu, and other bug, whether virus or bacteria, without putting harmful chemicals into your body.

1. Start your day with doTERRA Life Long Vitality Supplements which contain vitamin D along with many other vitamins and minerals, immune, and inflammation support. For example, in a study done by Yale medical school,  they found that adults with high blood levels of vitamin D were 49% less likely to get a cold or other upper respiratory infection. Vitamin D boosts the ability of immune cells lining your lungs to fight off viruses. Not only that but the Life Long Vitality pack will help you with stress management, cellular energy/metabolism, DNA protection, network antioxidant defense, cardiovascular health, bone and joint health, brain and cognitive health, and digestive health just to mention a few.

2. Instead of sleep medications, diffuse Lavender or Serenity oil to help you sleep. You can also rub it on the bottom of your feet, behind your ears and the back of your neck, or add a few drops to your nightly bath. They work very effectively and are completely natural!
3. Substitute zinc lozenges with OnGuard throat drops. These lozenges have the viral and bacterial fighting oils (clove, cinnamon, orange, etc.) that are a natural and effective alternative to synthetic options for immune support.
4. Put a few drops of OnGuard essential oil blend on your tongue before you go into a party, that will protect you from those around you who are sick. OnGuard can naturally replace AIRBORNE.
5. All of essential oils are anti-bacterial. Studies have shown for example that no known virus or bacteria can survive in Cinnamons presence at a consentrated strength. They are much more effective than hand sanitizer!
6. Place a drop of Breathe oil under your nose when you fly to help keep the germs away and to also open up your nasal passages. If a cold is beginning to take place this will catch it early and shorten the length of your virus.
And here are some quick substitutions that need no further explanations:
Pain/Headache Medicine: Past Tense

Nasal Decongestant, Cold/Flu Medicine, and Allergies: Breathe

Cough Suppressant: Rosemary

Anti-itch lotion, Sleeping Aids, Burn Cream, Cuts/Scrapes Disinfectant: Lavender

Mouthwash: Peppermint

Immune System Boost, Sore Throat Medicine: OnGuard

Upset Stomach Medicine, Heartburn Medicine: DigestZen

Sterilizing Agent: Purify

Fluoride Toothpaste: OnGuard Toothpaste

Muscle Pain Cream: Deep Blue

Athlete’s Foot/Anti-fungal treatment: Melaleuca

Wart Removal Medicine: Oregano

Synthetic Facial Products: doTERRA skin care collection
I hope you have a healthy holiday and winter season!

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